Roofing Services in Charlotte, NC

Place your trust in Charlotte’s premier roof repair company for your upcoming project.

At SquareOne Exteriors, we take pride in being Charlotte’s top roof repair company, and we don’t make that claim lightly. Our commitment to improving our services is evident in the numerous positive reviews and satisfied customers we’ve garnered. Whether your roof repair needs are minor or major, we’re here to assist you.

Services We Offer

Roof Replacement

When you need a new roof, SquareOne Exteriors is here to provide it. We’re the premier providers of roofing repairs and replacements in the Charlotte, North Carolina area – and we take roofing seriously.

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Storm Damage

We understand that storm damage on your roof can be frustrating and stressful to fix. That’s why we will guide you through the process, working as your trusted partner.

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Roof Inspection/estimate

Most people get their roofs inspected only when a problem arises – perhaps you have experienced storm damage, noticed loose shingles in your yard, or discovered a water leak in your home. But by that point, major damage has often already occurred.

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Roof Repair

We’re proud to call ourselves Charlotte’s #1 roof repair company – and we don’t say that lightly. We’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients, and our host of positive reviews and happy customers is proof of that claim.


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You Deserve a Sturdy Roof

The necessity for roof repairs can stem from various causes, making it crucial for homeowners to remain vigilant for potential roof issues that require immediate attention. Whether you’ve observed loose shingles in your yard, encountered water leaks, or recently endured severe weather, reaching out to your local roofing experts promptly is paramount.

At SquareOne Exteriors, we’ve encountered a wide range of roofing challenges. We are equipped to tackle any roofing issue and will dispatch a team to your property for a comprehensive assessment, enabling us to provide you with a prompt and accurate estimate.

Addressing roof-related problems promptly is essential because even minor issues can lead to significant and long-lasting damage over time. By the time you detect water infiltration, mold growth, or pests entering your home, you likely have more extensive roof damage than initially realized.

Regular roof maintenance can help preempt the need for extensive repairs. Therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to a consistent inspection schedule. When repairs are necessary, you can count on us to be your trusted solution.

As the most reputable roofing contractor in Charlotte, NC, we are eager to put our expertise to work on your roof. No matter what your roofing repair requirements may be, we are here to assist you. Our team of skilled professionals will swiftly restore your roof to its former glory.

Regular roof repairs are a smart investment in the longevity of your roof and the preservation of your home’s value. Additionally, it ensures the safety of your family and the protection of your house from the elements. Your roof serves as the foundation of your home, so it’s essential to safeguard it and entrust any issues to our SquareOne experts.

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