Roof Inspection in Charlotte, NC

Get Your Roof Inspected by the Pros

Most people get their roofs inspected only when a problem arises – perhaps you have experienced storm damage, noticed loose shingles in your yard, or discovered a water leak in your home. But by that point, major damage has often already occurred.

That’s why it’s crucial to get your home on a consistent roofing inspection schedule. Typically, homeowners are not able to see the full scope of a roof’s damage from ground level. It takes a professionally trained eye and usually some manpower on your roof to truly understand what your roof needs to last for years to come.

When you schedule a roof inspection with SquareOne Exteriors, we will send our talented team out to your property as soon as possible. We are committed to working quickly, respectfully, and professionally on every project that we take on. We will assess any damage that your roof has sustained and provide you with an estimate for fixing the problem.

Once we’ve given you our competitive quote, we’ll be able to get to work on fixing your roof in no time at all. Roof maintenance isn’t something that can wait, because leaving small problems unattended can create much larger issues down the road. So anytime you think something might be wrong with your roof – or even if it’s simply been a few years since you’ve had it looked at – give our team at SquareOne Exteriors a call. We’ve got you covered!

Quick, Accurate, Competitive Estimates

When we inspect your roof, we use a best-in-class tool called Xactimate to provide you with a quick, accurate, and competitive estimate for the cost of the work we will be completing. Xactimate is a highly recognized tool in the world of construction, and it’s also the platform that many insurance adjusters use.

That means you won’t have to worry about a mismatch between our estimate and your insurance adjuster’s appraisal. Many of our clients are able to cover their roofing repairs and replacements through insurance alone, and part of that ability comes from the accuracy of our estimates.

As Charlotte’s most widely renowned residential roofing company, we’re proud to have access to all of the latest equipment and technology – and that includes our best-in-class estimation tool. With Xactimate, we’ll be able to walk you through the costs of your project quickly and easily in a way that even non-technical individuals will be able to understand.

You deserve to have a strong grasp on the scope and costs of your project, and at SquareOne Exteriors, we aim to give that to you. We believe strongly in transparency and communication, and we never want our clients to be wondering what they’re paying for.

By putting customer service at the forefront of our mission, our team at SquareOne Exteriors strives to provide you with the best inspection and estimation services in our area. When you need an accurate estimate and thorough inspection quickly, we’re the ones to call.

Get in touch with our experienced team today to schedule your FREE inspection!